I'm reading a Japanese novel and there's this part of the sentence I don't know the meaning


My rough translation is: "In case information from the police is needed, we'll manage to get it. But we have no intention to contact them for 尋ねられもしないこと."

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「尋ねられもしないこと」 means "something that is not even asked."

尋ねられ -- verb 尋ねる + passive られる
も -- binding particle (係助詞) "even"
しない -- verb する + negative ない
こと -- noun (事) "thing, something"

「the continuative form (連用形) of a verb + もしない」 means "don't even do~~", eg: 「知りもしない」 「見もしない」


literally means "We have no intention of taking the trouble to inform them of something we are not even asked." / "We are not going to bother to (contact them to) let them know something we are not even asked."


I think 尋ねられもしないこと in this sentence means "the answer for the questions which isn't asked by police".

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