Is this service called サービス or are there better verbs? e.g. 接する


By far the most commonly-used word would be 「[接客]{せっきゃく}」 for the noun and 「接客する」 for the verb. It is used specifically in business where one serves a customer.

「[接]{せっ}する」 has a much broader range of meanings and therefore, it is often used in non-business situations as well to mean "to meet", "to treat", "to come into cantact with", etc.

The word 「サービス」 is tricky in that it is not always used the same way the word "service" is in English. It can be used to mean 「接客」 but it is also quite often used to refer to "a freebie" or "a special discount" of some sort that a business provides.

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