I'm trying to compose a sentence which starts with: パーティーが終{お}わる時{とき}に~.. I want to say "After the party is over, it is hard to clean up the house". Can you help me?

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    I think one of the most natural ways to say "hard to clean up" is "なかなか片付かない”. – Locksleyu May 4 '16 at 20:26

You can also use [片付]{かた・づ}ける for "clean/tidy up".

Although there is overlap, I tend to think of 掃除 as a more subjective cleaning—turning something from "dirty" to "clean"; wiping up spills, throwing out trash, etc.

For 片付ける, I think of a more abstract "cleaning up", putting things away/back in order, clearing stuff away, etc.


掃除{そうじ} is the word you're looking for.

After the party ends, it becomes hard to clean the house.

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