I came across this phrase in a story book:


It puzzled me because I thought 乗りつぐ meant 'to connect with (flight/train etc)'. Is this the normal way to talk about getting on/riding an escalator? If not, what nuance does it convey and what would be a more typical verb to use?

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People usually say エスカレーターに乗る, エスカレーターで8階まで上がる, etc.

エスカレーターを乗り継ぐ is not common, but it would be accepted if one wants to explicitly say (for whatever reason) riding several escalators in succession.

(cf. 電車を乗り継いで東京から九州まで行く)

  • 時々1階から2階だけは真ん中にエスカレーターがあってその上はフロアの端にあるようなお店とかありますね… Commented Apr 27, 2016 at 7:23

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