I am not sure what 上 means in this sentence. I know that 上 means above or on, but I think the meaning here is different because it does not mention anything above or on the sushi.


Does it mean:

I always ask for the top hand-rolled sushi here.

i.e. best hand-rolled sushi?


Yes, 上 in a restaurant menu is read じょう, and it means "deluxe", "premium" or "high grade". But 上 is often not the highest ranked menu, because restaurants commonly offer 特上 menus, too.

特上【とくじょう】 (lit. super deluxe) > 上【じょう】 (lit. deluxe) > 並【なみ】 (lit. normal)

So practically, 上 is often considered as "middle grade".

Another traditional way to express the rank of food is 松【まつ】 > 竹【たけ】 > 梅【うめ】, which are frequently used in bento shops, sushi restaurants and unagi restaurants.


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