I assume it's some slang that comes from ゴリラ perhaps. I found many examples of it being used in completely different situations and now I'm very confused... Apparently there is even a small book about its meaning, haha.


It seems that the author of ゴリってる会話集 doesn't know the meaning of ゴリる. He just used it as a meaningless word which just sounds odd.

西川氏: ほとんど意味不明ですが、何となくストーリーはわかるのが不思議ですね。
おっさん: そうやがな。そこが面白いんや。はっきり言うて、「ゴリってる」の意味などさっぱりわからん。しかし、文脈によってその意味は何となくわかるんや。その不思議な言葉を駆使して、ストーリーが展開していくんや。

So this book only proves that ゴリる is not an established word :-)

That said, ゴリる is a possible word made up from ゴリラ using this rule. It would mean "be like a gorilla", "do something like a gorilla", etc. You may find ゴリる in rhythm game contexts because ゴリラ is slang for an incredibly skillful player.

Someone might use it as short for ごり押しする or ゴリゴリしている, too.

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    So ゴリってる = gorilling? :) "It's a gorilling story!" That kinda works, since it almost sounds like thrilling -- and it's also nonsense in English, much like that author's use of ゴリる. Apr 8 '16 at 21:18
  • Exactly, it's gorilling!
    – naruto
    Apr 9 '16 at 2:40

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