I am starting a cooking blog which is named Cooking Tale. I wanted a person to translate the name and he said クッキング・テール is ok. But when I search for this name in dictionaries, it says "tail" not "tale". Is this a correct use?

Cooking Tale - クッキング・テール

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    How about 「[物語]{ものがたり}」 for "tale"... e.g. 『冬物語』(The Winter's Tale), 『二都物語』(A Tale of Two Cities), 『カンタベリー物語』(The Canterbury Tales), or maybe (a bit childlike)「お[話]{はなし}」e.g. 『ピーターラビットのおはなし』(The Tale of Peter Rabbit) – Chocolate Apr 7 '16 at 15:29
  • Not recommended. 99% of Japanese with some knowledge in English would misunderstand the title as "cooking tail". Again, 99% of Japanese cannot distinguish between "tale" and "story" so I'd recommend クッキングストーリー. It moderately sounds 外人ish – nodakai Apr 8 '16 at 15:11

The literal translation is 料理の話. I think クッキング will get through to Japanese people but テール as the word "tale" may not get through to them. As you found in your search, I think a lot of Japanese people may think テール is the word "しっぽ(tail)", or may not know テール.


I think テイル be considered. Here are some Japanese transliterations that use that to transliterate tale:

That said it seems both are in use. Wikipedia lists both フェアリーテール and フェアリーテイル as used to transliterate fairy tail and fairy tale.

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