I don't really understand the differences between the following sentences.

  • 彼は新しい車をほしがっている。

  • 彼は新しい車をほしそうだ。

In both sentences, the speakers made conjectures based on the sign that the third person (彼) is showing.


  1. What is the difference between the 2 sentences above?

  2. Can I rewrite the second one as 彼は新しい車をほしがっていそうだ。Is it redundant?


彼は新しい車をほしがっている can mean

  1. He wants a new car (= …車が欲しいと思っている)
  2. He is showing his desire for a new car

彼は新しい車ほしそうだ means "He looks desirous of a new car".

彼は新しい車をほしがっていそうだ is usually taken as something like "I assume he is now begging a new car".

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