I read in an article from the Asahi Shimbun :

学校{がっこう}で朝食{ちょうしょく}、おなかも心{こころ}も満{み}たす 高知{こうち}の小学校{しょうがっこう}


My translation (disclaimer : I'm not fluent at all in English, feel free to correct me)

Breakfast at school : satisfy the stomach and the mind (elementary schools at Kōchi).

10 years ago began the national movement "a breakfast for the early to bed, early to rise children", a movement initiated by the Minister of Education. However in the last years, the percentage of children who don't eat breakfast is growing. XXX(that's why ???), some schools serve breakfast to the children.

What does "そんななか" mean ? Is it an allegro form for そんな中 ?


This そんななか essentially is そのような状況の中で, and means "meanwhile", "against this background", etc.


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