A person was excited for the trip tomorrow and couldn't sleep. Reflecting on why he didn't drink much at last night's party:


盃に口をつけてごまかすほど - what does this mean (e.g. does this mean that 祝杯 was small, one 口-ish size only)?

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    It means that 'He pretends to drink alcohol because he can't drink even a toast at all.'
    – nariuji
    Apr 2 '16 at 13:38

The first sentence indicates that the writer cannot drink. Then in the next he goes on to describe how much of a lightweight/teetotaler he is by saying, "祝杯すらも盃に口をつけてごまかすほどである" -- his alcohol aversion is such that, even when participating in celebratory drinking of sake, he only goes through the motions of drinking by just touching his mouth to 盃!

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