I see a book saying let and make are the meaning of せる. However, I see that "enable" is a synonym of let and make. So I wonder if these statements are similar, in the meaning of かのじょはブルスが生きさせる。

She makes Brews live.
She lets Brews live.
She makes Brews want to live.
She lets Brews want live.
She is Brews' will to live. (willpower)
She enables Brews' will to live.
She enables Brews' to live.
She is Brews' intention to live.
She is why Brews lives.

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彼女【かのじょ】はブルスが生きさせる means "Brews makes/lets her live" or "Brews enables her to live". Whether to use "make/let" or "enable" depends on the context (ie, whether "she" wants to die or live).

This sentence is semantically the same as ブルスが彼女を生きさせる.

  • が is the subject marker, so Brews is the one who does the action (=to make/let/allow someone (to) live).
  • は is the topic marker, and it can often replace を. Because there is another subject (ブルス) which is clearly marked with が, "彼女は" will be interpreted as the object of the action (ie, the one who is made/allowed to live)

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