I keep on hearing the term 「このなかでは」 and 「そのなかでは」from news, but I can't seem to find what it means anywhere. I found a meaning for 中, which is probably what なか refers to, as "while". Does it mean "meanwhile"?

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  • 中: "inside", "middle", etc.
  • この中: "inside of this"
  • で: place marker
  • は: topic marker

この中では/その中では is used in two ways:

  1. Literally, "Inside this/that"


  2. As an established set phrase, "Among these/those"



According to WWWJDIC, この中で is "amoung these", and the "は" is most likely the topic marker. I would not define 中 as while at all (as in 箱の中に "inside the box")... So literally, I read it as "this (thing) within as for".

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