If the answer to the question, "What is in the pocket?" is "Nothing is in the pocket." is the topic marker が needed after "Nothing" (i.e., "なにもが ..." or just "なにも ...")?


You'd say なにもない. なにもがない is incorrect.

The particle も replaces the subject particle が, as in:

  • 「なにある? 」-- 「なにない。」 (×「なにもがない。」)
  • 「なにありますか? 」-- 「なにありません。」 (×「なにもがありません。」)
  • 「[誰]{だれ}いますか?」(Who's there?) -- 「誰いません。」(No one's there.) (×「誰もがいません。」)
  • cf. りんごあります。 / りんごあります。(×りんごもが~)

"なにも" Should suffice as a response, but of course this would heavily rely on the context and flow of the conversation. You could play it safer by saying "なにもない" which is a little more foolproof and natural sounding. Perhaps が could be used in this more grammatically complete sense "なにもがない". Keep in mind how polite you wish to speak ^^

I Hope this has answered your question. I know this is more of a comment, but I do not have enough rep to just comment. Sorry

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