What is a natural way or ways to ask about what project(s) or work someone is doing lately at a job? In English I'd say:

So what project have you been working on lately?

So what have you been working on lately?

I am not sure if these translate well literally or there is some other expression I should use.



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might sound as if you have no idea on his recent job, a shoemaker or a preacher. Of course that shouldn't cause any confusions in a real world, but someone like me may find it a good opportunity to crack a joke, "C'mon, did anybody tell you I was fired? Hell no! I'm still working at XYZ Corp!"

I prefer


because it's both natural and the least ambiguous. But wait... プロジェクトをしている might slightly sound unnatural. Its more casual form


is perfectly OK, but for some reason, プロジェクトをしています is not perfect. Perhaps because, verbs like "する" "やる" are not genuinely polite, so their polite forms don't perfectly make sense. Well, I guess 90% of native Japanese speakers just accept either ways :-)


You can just say something like:



You can of course modify it to be as polite as you want. Those are the two most common expressions I hear from my Japanese friends when we talk. Really, I hear this like all the time.

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