In this sentence I have a problem of interpretation:

本来なら魔石やドロップアイテムは『サポーター』と呼ばれる非戦闘員が回収して確保してくれるんだけど、 『ヘスティア・ファミリア』の構成員は僕一人だけだから以下略

“To be precise, the non-combatant who collects me and provides me the magic stones and released objects is called "support", but, being the only member of Hestia family [ ... ]”

For me it is not clear if the subject is talking about non-combatants in general or if he is talking about a specific non-combatant.

I think that he is referring to a specific one for two reasons: the first reason is because there is 本来なら (normally) and this is why I translated: "the non-combatant who collects..." and the second reason is because before the text there was this sentence:


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    Please post one question at a time. You can edit this question leaving one problem and create separate questions for the other. – macraf Mar 10 '16 at 11:35
  • Hello, previously in the text there was this sentence: 魔石の欠片を腰巾着、【コボルトの爪】を背にしょっている黒色のバックパックに放り込む。 This is a reason wky I think that in the sentence 本来なら魔石やドロツブアイテムは『サポーター』と呼ばれる非戦闘員が回収して確保してくれるんだけど、 『ヘスティア. ファミリア』の構成員は僕一人だけだから以下略 the speaker is referring to 魔石の欠片を腰巾着 and not to non-combatant in general. What do you think? Thanks, Nadia – Nadia Mar 10 '16 at 14:20

I (pick up and) throw magic stones into my drawstring waist bag, and コボルトの爪 into my black backpack on my shoulders.

Under normal circumstances (i.e. in other/normal Familias), magic stones and dropped items are (supposed to be) collected by non-combatants called "supporters", but...

『ヘスティア. ファミリア』の構成員は僕一人だけだから
I am the only member of "Hestia Familia", so...

The rest is omitted. (<- We have no supporters, so I have to collect the dropped items all by myself.)

  • So he is talking about 非戦闘員 called "supporters" in general. – naruto Mar 10 '16 at 19:18
  • @naruto そですね・・・ – Chocolate Mar 11 '16 at 1:52

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