I took up a personal translation project--lyrics to a song from a game I played--recently, and one of the words is giving me trouble. The line out of the song is 我れ幾里の路を共に往かむ, and I can understand everything except for 幾里. I did have to try to make out the lyrics from the video before it dawned on me to check for a transcript online, and here's the other confusing thing; this word pops up in other transcripts and the video itself. (See: http://010701070107.blog5.fc2.com/blog-entry-3543.html) I seriously cannot find a definition for this word with any dictionary I've been able to get my hands on, part of which I credit to this entire song being written in Classical Japanese, but still. I've tried both English and Japanese dictionaries on the subject, so finally I decided to turn here. Any ideas?


幾里 means “how many lis.” “Li” is a unit of distance, and 1里 is equal to 4 kilometers (2.5 miles) . 幾 means “how many, how much” as you ask an antique shop owner “これ幾らですか?-How much price is this?” It has nothing to do with the name of town and village.

Thus 我れ幾里の路を共に往かむ means “How many miles should I tread (go) with you ahead the road?” Apparently this is an expression in literary style (文語調) to be found in the writing of authors in Meiji-and-Taisho era, but surely sounds lyrical and solemn.

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    Couldn't this 幾(里) mean indefinite, large number of (leagues/miles)? And, is the む in 行かむ not a particle of volition (like the english shall)? Could the line be translated to something like: "I shall tread Lord knows how many leagues/miles of road with you." ?
    – goldbrick
    Sep 13 '16 at 4:18

As broccoli forest notes in the comments, this might be a reference to a distance: "any number of leagues".

As an alternative hypothesis, any chance it's a placename? Apparently there's an Ikusato in 鹿児島県{かごしまけん}龍郷{たつごう}町{ちょう}. More here at Weblio and here on the Japanese Wikipedia.

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