I was trying to understand some news on the NHK site, but I am having a little trouble with this sentence:


The 幅広い作品 here would refer to a general category or would it be a category with a large number of works?

PS: It's about the Berlin International Film Festival



According to a J-J dictionary 幅広い both means "wide (physically)" and "various", but IMHO 幅広い almost always means "wide range of", "a variety of" in modern Japanese. See ALC's entry to see how this word is used in in reality.

A relative clause 幅が広い or 幅の広い usually (but not always) means physically wide (eg, 幅の広い道). A relatively uncommon no-adjective 幅広の also refers to physical width (eg. 幅広の道). But 幅広い道 sounds a bit unnatural (or uncommon at least) to me, even though it's in the dictionary.

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幅{はば}広{ひろ}い can often be understood as "wide-ranging, a wide range of". So in the sample above, the パノラマ部門 has collected a wide range of works -- i.e. a large variety, many different kinds.

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