Consider the following sentence.


What does the 「もんね」 mean?

Without もんね、i.e. 「お金持ちになる。」, it means "becomes rich"。


「~~もんね」 is a sentence-ender that is used mostly, if not exclusively, by children. Technically, both 「もの/もん」 and 「ね」 are sentence-ending particles, so the two are combined in 「もんね」.

It is used to state or declare something boastfully, braggingly, etc. often with a hint of playfulness.

"I'm gonna be rich; That's for sure!"

"I'm gonna be rich, I promise!"

As an adult, you could use 「もんね」 kiddingly once in a while, but if you used it in a serious tone or used it too often, you would end up sounding pretty weird. You might end up sounding like a manga/anime character if you used it repeatedly.

  • You can use it mockingly for someone else, right? (at least as もんな that works in my head) - 'yeah, since he's gonna be rich like he says (like that'll happen)' – Sjiveru Feb 21 '16 at 4:10

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