I do not know what is the correct word for ライヤ in the song 雷火ライヤ from Stella Glow, nor its meaning.

There are 2 sources that give the title of the song:

Also up for consideration is 来也 from 自来也.

Here are the lyrics from the first stanza:


And the corresponding lines involving ライヤ for the next stanza:

  • 浮かれや雷火ライヤ、騒げや雷火ライヤ... ...
  • 祈れや雷火ライヤ、讃えや雷火ライヤ... ...

Thoughts for 来夜:

  • The English title is "Fiery Night".
  • But would it not simply be 雷火夜 then? What does 来 add to this apart from musical metre/rhythm?

Thoughts for 來也:

  • There exists 自来也 which possibly comes from 我来也 , which I understand as "I am come" as an archaic expression (much like the grammar in the Christmas carol lyric "Joy to the world, the Lord is come")
  • In this sense I imagine 雷火来也 to mean "Fire is come" with archaic tones.

I have no arguments for 来耶 except that it be a variant of 來也.

What is the correct word in the lyrics, and what does it mean?

  • One point: using 也 in the end usually suggests a male name. Commented Feb 19, 2016 at 6:19

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I don't the think kanji-level analysis is that meaningful, because らいや sounds to me like just a not-so-rare person name.

Anyway, from what I could google Both 来夜 and 来耶 seem to be typo, and 來夜 is the correct spelling. (來 is an old form of 来)

enter image description here

The person who wrote this song says it's 雷火來夜, too. Literally it just means "upcoming night", of course, but I don't know the implication.

EDIT: The lyricist explains how 雷火來夜 was invented. She even clearly states 来耶 is a typo :-)


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