Reading a newspaper article I came across a sentence which gives me multiple troubles...


Regarding では, would it be correct to treat it like "concerning" "in regard to"? Also I am not sure how to translate 過去最大級 and the function of と in となる。

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In this context, 「では」≒「の[中]{なか}では」 = "among (all Asian singers)"

「過去最大級」 means "of the largest scale so far".

「~~なる」 is a little bit more formal way of saying 「~~なる」, but 「~~となる」 here does not really mean "to become ~~". It means basically the same thing as 「~~である」 = as in "A is B.", "A will be B.", etc.

In addition, the subject of the sentence is unmentioned (as usual).

"It will be of the largest scale ever among all Asian singers."

"It" refers to the scale of the concert tour.


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