On a TV show, an idol was given this task to think of:

'A word (or phrase) to lift someone's mood'  (My loose translation)

The idol responded:

'Let me try and get rid of that cloud hanging over you'.  (Very loose translation, I know)

So, more literally translated, I guess it would be:

'Let me stop the rain in your heart'.

I would like to know how あげたい works here. Is it working like:

I'd like to give you my action of stopping the rain in your heart

Or is it working differently?


〜てあげる is the form of "doing X for someone". The quote is just the combination of that and the 〜たい form (want to do). So it is "I want to do X for you". Of course, remember that 〜てあげる should not be used for 目上の人, and even when used properly might sound patronizing in the wrong context.

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