I want to know the correct romanization for ベオウルフ.

For me, it's Beōrufu, because the pronunciation of Be-o-wulf has a long vowel (oo/ou/ow/oh). However, some people discord for being a foreign name.

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Firstly, using the macron for indicating long vowels is only really used in (Revised) Hepburn romanization, so "correct" would mean "according to the rules of Hepburn romanization".

Secondly, Hepburn only uses ō for long vowels and here there isn't one! One way that points to this fact is that the word in katakana isn't spelled オー, but オウ.

Actually, ベオウルフ is a good transcription because for one it reflects the fact that the ウ is a substitution for "wu" (definitely not a lengthener of "o"); further, it suggest the pitch as ベオウルフ【LHHLL】, whereas ベオールフ would have to be ベオールフ【LHLLL】 (the former is much closer to the English pronunciation, which has a secondary stress at "wu").

In any case, I think you should romanize ベオウルフ as beourufu in Hepburn and as beouruhu in Nihon-shiki/Kunrei-shiki/Wāpuro.


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