How would you translate the following sentence?


I'd translate it this way:

Now a boy has solved the millennium puzzle and inherited the dark games.

But in the English subtitles, they wrote the following:

Now, the time where a boy has solved the Millennium Puzzle and released the Dark Games has come.

The verb 受け継ぐ is translated as "inherit, take over, be heir to" in these dictionaries: Kenkyusha, Riidaasu, eijiro.

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    Can you provide the link to the video? (Your translation looks good to me, btw) – Chocolate Feb 10 '16 at 14:17
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    I agree with choco, a video to verify would be nice and out of context it is hard to make a fitting translation. But your translation does seem pretty reasonable. Regardless of this specific situation, I've seen a great many bad anime translations done by both fans and on published material. – Locksleyu Feb 11 '16 at 0:46

Your translation looks ok, although, I like how the given subtitles phrase it, using "the time ... has come".

Now, the time where a boy solved the millenium puzzle and inherited the dark games has come.

The quote is from the opening of the first season of Yu-Gi-Oh!.

I believe the story holds some implication that the "shadow games" are released as a result of the millenium puzzles being solved. This is most likely the reason the translation uses the word released.

The English dub can also be found on Youtube, and there, it is translated as following:

Now, 5000 years later, a boy named Yugi unlocks the secret of the millenium puzzle. He is infused with ancient magical energies...

All in all, I think the translation should be a combination of what is faithful to the original, as well as what sounds good in the new language. Thus, taking a word that isn't verbatim in the original, but in the context, can be a good choice.

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