Same as with my question about a Kanji I tried to identify on a bad image source, I have a katakana word I need to understand / translate.

The word reads トッツケ, as marked in this image: house map

I tried to find out what it means, and I am thinking it might be some kind of 'foreroom' a room you go through before entering the actual house? I might be totally wrong though, so I would be very happy about any input.

again, thank you very much in advance!!

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取っ付 (or 取り付き) means "starter", "first (step/impression)", "clue" etc.

大辞林 defines 取っ付き like this:

①物事のやり始め。初手。 「-から失敗する」
②初めて会った時に受ける感じ。第一印象。 「-の悪い男だ」
ある建物・場所などに入る時,一番初めに通る所。一番手前。入り口。「-の部屋」「正門を這入ると,-の大通りの左右に植ゑてある銀杏の並木が眼に付いた/三四郎 漱石」

(FWIW, the third definition seems to be common in middle Japan, but I personally did not know this.)

So at least トッツキの部屋 means "the first/front room", "entrance", etc.

I could find no exact example of 取っ付の部屋. But I think 取っ付け should mean the same thing, because 付く and 付ける are semantically the same except that the latter is transitive.

  • Thank you very much! Sorry for the late reply. And yes, that makes sense. It was where I was coming from too, I just wanted to make sure I didn't overlook a different explanation for the word.
    – Imi
    Jan 28, 2016 at 18:37

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