This is an excerpt from a song I'm trying to translate:


自分 - oneself,

何でどこ - why, where,

向かう - head (verb),

べき - suffix meaning "should"

My doubts are what とは means and what is the role of か in the sentence? I can't give the whole sentence a general meaning. Can you help me, please?

Thank you very much

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Unfortunately, 「[何]{なん}で」 does not mean "why" here. Thinking that it does would make one go crazy over this line.



「自分とは何であり、(そして)どこへ向かうべきか」 (あり=あって)

「何」 means "what". "Who" might fit better in the context, though.

「とは」 is an emphatic topic marker. 「か」 is a question marker. Why am even I explaining these when they should be in the dictionary?

"Who/What am I and where should I be headed?"


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