A person is comparing herself to some disreputable school mates, thinking that she might be similar to them, and says:


Is this a contraction of (い)やになっちゃうなぁ meaning "I ended up becoming unlikeable"?

I'm coming across more and more of these contractions as I read more, and they keep tripping me up. Are there any general rules I should know that will help me figure this stuff out on my own?

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Yes, やんなっちゃう is short for いやになっちゃう, which is short for いやになってしまう.

いやになる is a fixed phrase meaning "to be fed up / sick / disgusted". So やんなっちゃうなあ is something like "Now I'm starting to feel disgusted", "I can't help being sick".

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    "To become an unlikeable person" is いやな人になる, by the way.
    – naruto
    Jan 15, 2016 at 23:22

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