This is probably asked a lot around here. I started learning Hiragana a few days ago and this is my progress so far Good? Bad? Give me your thoughts, I'm open to criticism.


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It's all more or less legible, but some of the characters are very unbalanced. Personally I think your そ and と are pretty much fine, but the others are poorly shaped.

All Japanese characters fit into a square by design. Because of this, for hiragana as with katakana and kanji, squares are used to teach the proportions and ratios to students when they practice.

Take a look at this picture:


Here, a square is provided so that students can learn where to position the dots, loops, and cross within な. I think this is missing from your hiragana. Especially given that you were writing on squared paper, it's easy to see that your characters don't fit into squares, and that the proportions are non-optimal, especially with say, た, ほ, and は. Also, note where characters do and don't have flicks. な doesn't normally have a flick on the dot unless in calligraphy, and also with the こ shape in に the same is true.

Just take more time looking closely at how computers and people write them (computers are actually surprisingly good for Japanese character shapes compared to English). Closely copy where and how they are drawn, with careful attention to what type of strokes you're drawing. That's my main advice. That and practice squares.


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