I'm watching an old anime, and the main character at one point says:


The subtitles said, "He's the one that I love." But I'm unfamiliar with the use of 安らぎ in this context, and am wondering if there's a more appropriate/accurate way of understanding this? My understanding is that 安らぎ means 'tranquil/peaceful', so I would literally translate the phrase as "He is the person with whom I feel most peaceful." However, the main character does love this boy she is referring to, so I'm guessing this may be a commonly understood way of referring to someone you love? I feel I might be missing something culturally about this phrase, which is giving me a hard time when trying to understand it.

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    As broccoli forest wrote, I think that you interpreted the sentence correctly. But in subtitles, an accurate translation is often too long or unnatural in the context, and has to be replaced with a less accurate translation which at least fits the context well. So you should not assume that subtitles (even high-quality ones) are accurate translations. Dec 21, 2015 at 13:02

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It's not a fixed phrase, or something related to or implies love (as far as I know), but I think your translation is correct, considering 安らぎの placed before something is all but always used for "provides peace of mind" in actual usages (from random Google hits):

and it doesn't go against my intuition.


I would translate 安らぎの人 as 'a person I'm comfortable with' or literally 'a person who gives me peace of mind.'

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