I would like to say that I just completed my very first semester in college, but I'm not sure of the most natural way to phrase it. Here's my attempt: 最近、大学には最初の学期がもう終わりました。

  • 「大学には」を「大学では」に変えれば、他はそのままでも良いかと…
    – Chocolate
    Dec 15 '15 at 6:36

I'd say




If the listener knows anything about you, then you would probably not need to clarify that the semester was a semester of college.

If you use ところ it feels like you are in the context of a timeline. Like past events have already been discussed, ところ zooms into right now. I don't think context is needed for ばかり.

I'm not a native speaker, but no one has offered an answer so far.


Most people use 学期 along with their numeral, i.e. 1学期, 2学期 and (sometimes) 3学期. Using 一, 二 and 三 is also fine.

I'd go for a somehow simpler


Even though 最初の1学期 seems redundant, it's easier to catch than 最初の学期.


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