We have:

Easy peasy + lemon squeezy (+ additional rhymes)

I've come across this expression:

らくしょう + かいしょう + ??しょう

Where I was unable to clearly identify the third element, but it sounds like じょ or じょう

My candidates for the words are 楽勝、快勝、常勝

Since I was unable to find expressions corresponding to them (from tangorin) (from alc), I decided to post this question.

  1. What are the words (Did I get them right?)
  2. Is this expression recognizable? Is it common or uncommon usage?
  3. Are there other expressions to convey "easy peasy"
  • 楽勝快勝こんちくしょう?No probably not, but that's what came to mind, and I kind of like the 語呂. – dainichi Nov 30 '15 at 20:25

Of course the individual words are very common, but personally I do not recognize this as a fixed expression. I found one person who wrote a blog entry titled “圧勝。楽勝。快勝。”, and another person with “楽勝。快勝。圧勝。”. Yet another person seems to have used “楽勝快勝優秀賞” as a radio name. Could it be that what you heard was a one-off — something just made up by the person?

There are several Japanese expressions that are similar to easy peasy:

  1. ちょちょいのちょい
  2. 屁{へ}のカッパ (or カッパの屁)
  3. お茶{ちゃ}の子さいさい
  4. 余裕{よゆう}のよっちゃん

All of them except #1 may sound a little dated though. #4 is a lame Showa-era joke, but I bet people who've heard of it will find it funny in an ironic, hipster way by now. Also I might add 朝飯前{あさめしまえ} (lit. before breakfast) or 屁でもない (lit. not even a fart), but those seem more like metaphorical idioms akin to “piece of cake”, rather than a word play like “easy peasy”.


1.楽勝 means " easy victory". 快勝 means "good victory" and it may not easily win. 常勝(じょうしょう) means that " always win".

2.They are recognizable and common usage.

3.I don't come across my mind now.

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