I have looked in a good many sources for this expression, and I am at a loss.

It is in the context of an Income and Expenditure Statement (収支報告書) I am translating, and is found adjacent to 寄付金 and ランチョン:

共催収入 寄付金

共催収入 ランチョン

The closest I can get is "joint sponsorship income."

How would you translate 共催収入?


I have discussed this with my superior and it seems that these were in relation to a co-sponsored event. The event was primarily sponsored by the university at which I work, and these two instances were co-sponsored with a private company.

I have therefore translated them as:

共催収入 寄付金 → Donation received from co-sponsor

共催収入 ランチョン → Donation received from co-sponsor of luncheon


This is Japanese native. I think ”共催”means co-sponsored for events such as exhibition or concert. So how about this translation 共済=co-sponsored fee?

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