I have a class project and I have to write a recipe. On it I'm trying to write something along the lines of "Serving for x people".

What would be a good way to say that phrase?


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I think that 〜人分 works to mean "serves X people", e.g. 3人分 means "serves three people".

Source: http://cookpad.com/recipe/2524181

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    +1 - In my cooking classes in High School they used ~人分 on the recipes we used. Nov 13, 2015 at 2:14

One possible phrase to use when ordering a serving is 人前{にんまえ}, like 一人前{いちにんまえ}, 二人前{ににんまえ}, 三人前{さんにんまえ}...

A proper suffix used for counting servings, but generally used only by waiters and cooks is 丁{ちょう}, like ラーメン1丁{いっちょう}頂きました (when waiter "passes" the order to the kitchen).

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