Could I translate "Opportunities for Customers" as "お客様との機会点"

I've seen it used in similar ways to the opposite, which is 問題点 ("problems")

I was wondering if this is a correct use in the context.


I haven't seen such a word as 機会点, but according to Google, 機会点 seems to be the unique term made up by the former president of McDonald's Japan, Eikō Harada. Did you see 機会点 in a context related to him?

その日本マクドナルドHDの社長原田泳幸氏は、「課題点」とか「問題点」と言わず、「機会点」と言っているそうです。なるほどね・・・ (source)


"問題点は、機会点とよぶ" 日本マクドナルド原田社長 (source)

In general, I don't think 機会点 is recognized by an average Japanese businessperson. Possible translation would be "お客様にとっての機会/チャンス/利点", etc.

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  • Thank you for the answer, it seems I hadn't done my homework very well.. It seems like a logical word to exist but I'll definitely refrain from using it because as you pointed out it is a made-up word that is not widely used after all. – Zumo Nov 12 '15 at 14:46

Opportunities for Customers お客様への機会 It seems to give chance to customer.

お客様との機会 mean the opportunity with customer.

If you have whole sentence, I can choose more appropriate word choice. Japanese are sensitive.

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