The best I can think of is 僕が知る限り + fact + とは限らない. Does this work, are there better alternatives?

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    Are you looking for a plain “according to the information I have”, or more like a “for all I know, he could be dead” kind of thing? There seems to be some variance on what people think the phrase means english.stackexchange.com/questions/92207/…
    – mirka
    Nov 10, 2015 at 17:30
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    @mirka: the latter. "For all I know, this could've been zombie alien pirates" kind of thing, even.
    – himself
    Nov 10, 2015 at 20:38

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If I understand you correctly, the phrase you're looking for is more about entertaining extreme/absurd possibilities, or humorously saying how little you know about the matter, rather than a sincere “to the extent of my knowledge”.

Variations on “知る限り” will work when you are being sincere, but it doesn't really work in a sarcastic way. I'd say it's closer to a “to my knowledge” or an “as far as I know”:

As far as I know, he's a good person.

When you're just putting out some extreme possibilities, you might consider variations on “可能性もある”. Literally, it means “there is even the possibility that…”, but I think the sentiment can be close:

  • 35年という期間は長すぎて、働けなくなる可能性や、それこそ死んでしまう可能性もあります
    35 years is such a long time, you could become unable to work, or for all you know you could be dead.
  • あの人はあまりにもよくテレビに出ていて、毎回 別人の可能性すらある
    He's on TV so frequently, for all I know it could be a different person each time.
  • プロフィールは全くのデタラメの可能性もあるのです。相手が故意にウソをいってだまし、犯罪に巻き込もうとしている可能性さえ考えられます
    Profiles can be completely fake. For all you know, the person may be lying to deceive you, trying to involve you in a crime.

(Examples taken and edited from the internet.)


I think what you have is fine, but I would say it as 私の知っている限り.


My suggestion is "僕【ぼく】の理解限界【りかいげんかい】[と言【い】えば・について・に関【かん】して]...."

  • I would suggest changing 僕【ぼく】 to 自分【じぶん】 -- using 僕【ぼく】 is often inappropriate, depending on the social situation, whereas 自分【じぶん】 ("myself") is more socially neutral. Also, 理解限界【りかいげんかい】 is not really used this way in Japanese. Nov 10, 2015 at 19:41

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