What is the difference between 姿勢 vs 態勢 vs 体勢? They all seem to mean "posture" or "attitude."


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Preparedness for response that is temporary or limited. (For standardized, sustained, or permanent systems and functions, use 体制 instead.)

  • 着陸態勢に入る prepare for landing
  • 移民の受け入れ態勢を整える prepare for accepting immigrants


Bodily posture, position, or form.

  • 有利な体勢 advantageous position
  • 射撃体勢 shooting position


Bodily posture or position; attitude.

  • 姿勢がいい have good posture
  • 謙虚な姿勢 humble attitude

When referring to bodily postures, I seem to use 姿勢 when mainly the spine is involved, and 体勢 when limbs are involved. They're pretty interchangeable though.

Reference: 「体制」「態勢」「体勢」などの使い分け

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