I have a bottle of 洗顔料(facial soap), and the instructions are:

ご使用量の目安 ポンプ1~2回 (use about 1 to 2 pumps)

If I were to read 1~2 aloud, how would I do it?

  • for 1〜2, I'd be tempted to read it like 1、2... but no idea for a bigger range. Interesting question...
    – Dave
    Commented Aug 28, 2011 at 2:58

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If the numbers are consecutive, you would just count and adjust the last number accordingly. In this case, いち、にかい. If it were, say, 5-6 times, ご、ろっかい.

If it's an actual range, I think you'd just throw から in the middle. 1-5 = いちからご.


I think the most standard is 1から2. You can also read it as 1乃至2.

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