I need some help reasoning out the implied meaning of を in a song lyric. The lines in question are:

何{なに}もかもが隠{かく}された この世界{せかい}で生{い}きるよ 僕{ぼく}だけの輝{かがや}きを

I'm a little shaky on how を should be interpreted in cases like these where it just sort of trails off the sentence. What's a good way to interpret these situations for meaning? In what way is を showing that 輝{かがや}き is an object?

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    It seems that it's a little poetic expression. I mean, there's no pre-defined choice for this sort of sentences. – puhitaku Nov 8 '15 at 12:15

This sentence omits 生きるよ at the end of the sentence. So, complete sentence will be 何もかも隠されたこの世界で生きるよ。僕だけの輝きを生きるよ。.

The speaker of this sentence thinks that the world is clouded. But at the same time, the speaker sets his mind on living the world in his shining way.

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