I need your help. What is the meaning of 結構もった in phrases like


I can not find this in dictionaries.


もつ in such a phrase means "hang on", "keep up", or "stay good". From the definition #9 in this dictionary entry:

9 長くそのままの状態を保ち続ける。もちこたえる。「夏場でも―・つ食品」「これじゃとてもからだが―・たない

In this sense, もつ can be also written as 保つ in kanji.

Depending on the subject, 結構もつ can mean "(for a battery/food) to have a longer life than expected", "(for a person) to hang on for quite some time before giving up", and so on.

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  • I have never seen 保つ read as もつ; only たもつ. Can you give a reference to where this happens? – istrasci Nov 5 '15 at 0:05
  • My IME (ATOK) converts もつ to 保つ. See this, this, and this. I guess 保【たも】つ is transitive and 保【も】つ is intransitive. – naruto Nov 5 '15 at 0:23

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