Today I got a mail from my company but I am unable to figure out the meaning of がんばっぺ!!.

The sentence is as follows-

下期も 製図勉強会や(秘)レクレーション大会などを 予定しております。


Is it similar to がんばれ?


I see in your e-mail, that you mention 水戸{みと}市.

頑張っペ is 茨城弁{いばらきべん}. っぺ is typically used to replace volitional form よう/おう sounds. It is used on this sign for example:

Ibaraki-ben sign

Thus, I would translate your example into 頑張ろう !

Note that using っぺ has other uses, see the wikipedia entry if you feel up to it. The main other use is to make a guess, a conjecture.



Taken from this thread

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