I saw this sentence reading some manga:


I think in this context it means "I heard you guys are taking care of it yourselves".

However I am surprised by the way だ follows after ように. Is this just a colloquial equivalent to:






「~~ように」 is a little curt-sounding imperative-sentence-ender. (Teachers often use it with students in schools.)

「~~だそうだ」=「~~ということだ」=「~~という[話]{はなし}だ」 These phrases are used to quote hearsay statements.

So, Person A said 『自分たちで処分するように!』 to Person B and the speaker has heard it from Person B (or yet another person who heard it from Person B).

= "I hear (or 'It seems') that (Person A) has said that we should handle it by ourselves."

Your sentence 「自分たちで処分するようにしそうだ。」 does not make any sense, I am afraid to say.


I guess quotation marks are missing:

I hear “Take care of it yourselves.”

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