Starting from the sentence:


Do I need to add 2「自身」to give the meaning "Nitobe and Uchimura themselves"?


Can I accomplish the meaning of "themselves" with only 1「自身」in the sentence after the second name be able to refer to both of them?


="Nitobe and Uchimura themselves"?

or will that merely mean

"Nitobe, and Uchimura himself"?

  • Thank you for these clarifying edits, virmaior and snailboat!
    – seijitsu
    Oct 23, 2015 at 5:03

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The easiest and surest way to do it that would leave no room for misunderstanding (and maintain at least the fine newspaper article quality) would be to say:

「新渡戸、内村(の)[両氏自身]{りょうしじしん}」 or

「新渡戸・内村両氏自身」 or


「両氏」 can be replaced by 「[両名]{りょうめい}」 without changing any nuance.

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    @seijitsu 氏 is like "Mr.", and I assume you're writing some objective article where 氏 after 新渡戸/内村 is rather undesirable. If that's the case, don't suddenly add 両氏 after their names, either. 「新渡戸・内村の両名自身」 would be OK, but I personally think simple 「新渡戸と内村自身」 is enough .
    – naruto
    Oct 23, 2015 at 10:54

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