Are there any negative connotations associated with having いず as a contraction of the name 泉(いずみ)?

I know in English you could have 'Randy' as a contraction of Randall, which would generate quite a few snickers.

Are there any such issues with いず? E.g. Homophones, slang etc

There are also alternative spellings (和泉, 泉水, いずみ and いづみ; from Wikipedia) which may impact this.


I find nothing wrong if someone gave a nickname いず to someone. いず happens to have the same sound as 出ず ("to exit"), 居ず ("absent"), and 伊豆 (province), but that won't be a problem.

I don't think いず is very common as a nickname for いずみ, but there's at least one real person whose nickname is いず. I personally hear いずみん a lot (though it's not a contraction).

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