In Yosh's answer to the question What are the ways to express someone's condolences?, this link states that Buddhist terms should not be used in expressing condolences to a Christian in Japanese:



※主な仏教用語 「お悔やみ」 「冥福」 「成仏」 「供養」 「弔う」 「仏」 「僧」

If this is accurate, I've been looking at this list of condolences and this one, and I see very little that could be used. Almost all of the samples include 「お悔やみ」 and a phrase such as 「安らかにご永眠されますようお祈りいたします」 or 「故人のご冥福をお祈りいたします」, which could potentially be appropriate for a Christian recipient who is Roman Catholic but do not sound appropriate for a Protestant (Protestants differ theologically on what happens to a soul/body after death, but generally do not believe the departed souls need to be prayed for. In English-language Protestant condolences, it is common to express that you will pray for the family of the deceased in this difficult time).

I have been informed by a Japanese Congregationalist (a type of Protestant) that his father (who was a Congregational church pastor, 会衆派教会のキリスト教徒) just passed away.

How can I alter



to make it appropriate for a Protestant recipient?

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    As a Protestant myself, I wouldn't on first glance think of お悔やみ as 仏教用語 - it would sound just fine to me. Still, not being a native speaker, it might have connotations I'm not aware of.
    – Sjiveru
    Oct 1, 2015 at 17:15

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How about this Christian version?

These phrases don't include 「お悔やみ」 「冥福」 「成仏」 「供養」 「弔う」 「仏」 「僧」.

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