I saw this word in a song. The lyrics read:


What word is it an inflection of? I can't figure it out.


「[咲]{さ}く」 ← Base verb. "to bloom"

「咲かす」 ← Causative form of 「咲く」. "to let/make bloom"

「咲かそう」 ← Volitional form of 「咲かす」. "willing/about to let/make bloom"

Thus, 「大きな花を咲かそうとしてる」 would mean:

"trying to make big flowers bloom" or

"~~ is about to make big flowers bloom"

At least one of these would fit the context. If neither one does, you will need to show more context.


It's an inflection of


Besides, its causative verb form is,


If you transform the word ending with おう to make it volitional verb,


Your lyric can read as :

We are giving a try to bloom big flowers.

To add a knowledge, It has its sibling which works almost the same


Both of them works as a causative verb.

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