I'm playing a Japanese video game and am having a small problem understanding the configuration instructions for my controller. These two sentences in particular:



I understand those sentences when broken down, for example the first is "left stick", "upward" and "move forward" (I think), would that mean "Move your left stick forward and up"? I feel like the particles are tripping me up in both sentences so thought I'd ask what others thought.

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It sounds like で is what's causing trouble for you. One of the functions of で is to mark how something happens, similar to "by means of."

左スティック上方向で by means of left stick up orientation
前に移動 forward movement

左スティック右方向で by means of left stick right orientation
右に移動 movement to right

The equivalent boiled down English expressions might be:
"left stick up to move forward"
"left stick right to move right"

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