The phrase is pretty simple:


Which is obviously, "I dropped my Death Note".

The verb (and the kanji) is for おとす or おちる, which is "to drop" or "to let fall", yet this is a verbal form that I couldn't find anywhere. It looks like a mix between the two verbs. I can't really tell what to make of it grammatically.


It is two verbs. You just had the two wrong verbs in mind.

落{お}としちまった is the colloquial form of 落{お}としてしまった, which in turn is comprised of the following two verbs:

落{お}として (て form): 落とす (jisho.org)

しまった (past form): しまう (jisho.org)

By slurring the pronunciation of てし, you end up with ち, hence 落{お}としてしまった→ 落{お}としまった

ちまう has its own dictionary entry here: ちまう (jisho.org)

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    Formally it would be a contraction 落としてしまった where 〜てしまった is replaced with ちまった.
    – macraf
    Sep 27 '15 at 21:46

「落としちまった」is a colloquial form of 「落としてしまいました」

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