I've got a question regarding the sentence ending で in the second sentence.


Here is で part of a contraction Japanese use in their daily speech? If so what is the textbook version of the sentence?

Thank you!

  • Sorry i didn't elaborate on the context! Hajime and Tamotsu are at a fast food restaurant, and the second line should be Tamotsu giving his order to the shop assistant. Thus I think で腹はらごしらえする may not be the best fit for the context... – Darren Teo Zhong Ying Sep 28 '15 at 16:09

As the dialog gives us no other clues what たもつ really had in his mind, I think 「僕はチーズバーガーで[腹]{はら}ごしらえする/腹ごしらえしておく」 would be the most logical expansion.

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in textbook version would look like:


In this case 「で」 expresses his choice.

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