In a book called 鉄道員 (ポッポヤ) I read following sentence:


(This sentence is really only one sentence, it's his thought on something.) Notes: This ポッポヤ is an old man living somewhere in Hokkaido.

Now, I never heard of いかん before, fortunately there was already a question asked for this here. But what does the additional しょ mean?

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is a collapsed/colloquial way of saying:


The いかん is 行かん(=行かない), and the いかん in the linked question is [如何]{いかん}.

~わけに(は)いかない means "can't~", "not supposed to~" or "not allowed to~".

The しょ at the end is Hokkaido dialect for でしょう (See naruto's comment).


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