Can the English suffix -zilla, a backformation from "Godzilla" describing something as large and/or destructive, be translated into Japanese and easily understood, and how would it be translated? As "ジラ"?

Doing a search of weblio for zilla or ジラ didn't come up with anything.

  • "'Zilla' is an English suffix."て、それはないやろ~。既成事実みたいに言われても、めっさ抵抗あるわ。The very word that we should base this discussion on needs to be 「ゴジラ」, not "Godzilla" or "God + zilla". Sep 19 '15 at 7:45
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    Just came across a Japanese restaurant in Sydney calling itself "Sushizilla" with a katakana name of スシジラ. sushizilla.com.au/main.html Mar 11 '16 at 10:57

I remember that this "-zilla" caught on for some reason among English-speaking people, and appeared in several software names such as Mozilla, Bugzilla, FileZilla. English Wikipedia even has a page describing this suffix -zilla!

However, I believe that was an English-only phenomenon, and Japanese people don't regard ジラ as a suffix. FWIW, this "-zilla" originally came from "whale", because ゴジラ was named after ゴリラ (gorilla) + クジラ (whale).

That does not mean Japanese doesn't have a similar suffix. One classic example is -ゴン, which appeared in the names of many imaginary monsters. 教育ママゴン is a buzzword used in the 1980's and it referred to abnormal mothers who were crazy about education.

  • あ、 momzilla という単語を発見w
    – naruto
    Sep 20 '15 at 1:49

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