In the game of go (囲碁{いご}), the expression 神{かみ}の一手{いって} refers to the perfect game of go, and it is referenced multiple times in the anime Hikaru no Go.

My question: Why 神の一手 and not 神の手? I can't find the kanji 手 alongside 一 on any online dictionary.


According to jisho.org:

一手{いって}: move (in game); method; single-handed; monopoly

From the Japanese definition, it mostly refers to moves in 囲碁 and 将棋. Since it is a board game term, it makes sense in 神の一手 (god's go moves/method) more than 神の手 (hand of god).

For more details in Japanese: Yahoo Japanese Dictionary

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    手 itself can mean a move (in a game) but it refers to one certain move, so 一手. – user4092 Sep 13 '15 at 9:08

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